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Unity and Charity
CIRCLE OF LOVE - EDUCATION It has often been said that education literally means “a drawing out” of a person’s talent as well as a “putting in” of knowledge or instruction. Education is a key ingredient which significantly impacts the long-term success of our organization. Education helps bring us to fulfillment and helps improve attitudes. Education should include programs or activities that assist members to learn about CDA, its history, its charitable projects and charities, as well as the programs on the spokes of the Circle of Love. This could include topics of a spiritual nature, safety concerns, and medical issues. Education may lead to higher participation in a whole range of activities. The CDA scholarships and Education contests are a part of the education spoke. Some suggestions are: Changes in CDA By-Laws Make a Difference Day Education Contest English Language Classes For more information contact our State Chairman: Mary Westerman
Circle of Love EDUCATION For more information contact our state chairman: Mary Westerman