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Unity and Charity
Welcome to the website home page of the New York State Court of the Catholic Daughters of the Americas. We invite you to explore this site and see what we have to offer. We also ask you to consider joining us as a membeer if you meet the qualifications. Our National Organization has Courts in nearly every state in the union and some in distant parts of the world. If you attend our regularly scheduled conventions you may have an opportunity to meet some of wonderful representatives from the many distant places.Be sure to read Cardinal Egan’s message about the history of the Catholic Daughters of the Americas.
THE CIRCLE OF LOVE   The circle of hearts shown below this text box is known as the Circle of Love. The image below is symbolic of our CIRCLE OF LOVE program. The seven points selected indicate the needs of the Church and community best served by the Catholic Daughters. Click on the center cross and crown to go to our Circle of Love page.
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My Fellow Catholic Daughters
My Fellow Catholic Daughters
“Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!” This triumphant faith filled acclamation is an Easter greeting used in many parts of the world. It clearly affirms what is celebrated and remembered at Easter. That the Lord Jesus who was Crucified and died on Calvary LIVES. That the Incarnate God who died and was buried LIVES. He Lives. He Is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!
This year we are called to celebrate Easter in a “new way”. I believe the sense of loss, the fear, and the feeling of being exiled from all that is familiar and dear to us, may help us to experience more fully how it was for Jesus, his family and his friends. Even the Resurrection took place in a cemetery and a locked room, not in a beautiful church with lilies, joyful music, incense and a sacred meal. That first Easter Day was a day of confusion and puzzlement, but ultimately of joy. This year we will experience the hope and joy of Easter in a different way, but maybe a more meaningful way, as we find a new way of being in the Risen Christ that will strengthen our faith, and give us courage to come through these dark times, knowing how much we are loved by God, and with renewed love and compassion for one another.
In the Easter story, we hear of God’s ultimate power over death, darkness, evil and sin. Jesus Christ was crucified and buried. Three days later on the first Easter, Jesus rose from the dead signaling God’s saving grace and forgiveness for all our sins. Nothing can keep Jesus in the tomb enshrouded in burial cloths — not even the coronavirus.
On Easter morning we celebrate the Risen Christ, although in new ways. We won’t be in our sacred sanctuaries, yet we will still be connected as the Body of Christ. We may be dispersed, but we are not alone. God binds us together as Catholic Daughters through the power of Jesus Christ. May your heart and soul be blessed with the Holy Spirit of Easter time! Rejoice and celebrate the miracle and triumph of Christ’s resurrection. May God fill your home with peace, hope, and love.