The leader is the inspiration that allows others to "fly higher than an eagle." Dedicated and inspired leadership since 1903 in the Catholic Daughters has kept CDA the one of the largest Catholic women's organization in the world. You, as a member of CDA, have the opportunity to learn the skills and techniques of leadership and implement your talents as a future leader. You will be the wind beneath the wings of others and "let (them) fly so high, they will almost touch the sky!" Consider becoming a leader in CDA! Some suggestions are: Taking Leadership in Fundraising Activities Restructure Circle of Love Program for your Court Church Ministry Fairs Court Newsletter, FaceBook page, Website Postcard Campaigns Getting Acquainted Teas Obtain Grants Host a State or National Convention If you need any information concerning Leadership in CDA contact our State Regent: Linda Manchester
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Circle of Love LEADERSHIP For more information contact our state chairman: Linda Manchester